STARGATE MARITIME EOOD takes proud in their cadet program. The first two cadets were selected and appointed in 1998. 

In 2004 the program was introduced as an apprentice program for students at the higher marine institutes. The students appointed attend 3 to 4-month training on board the car-carrier ships. Having passed the training they complete their education and enter the cadet program. 

Students of the Naval Academy of Varna and those of the Technical University of Varna could apply for the training program, when they meet the requirement to graduate within respective calendar year, announced by the Management of Stargate Maritime during traditional yearly presentation of the Company at both the Univercities. The number of students admitted under the program is dependant on the demand rate of junior officers within the year of their graduation and the year they receive their certificates of competency. 

In 2008 there are 30 trainees, in Navigation and Ship Engineering. 

As of 2009 the number of the students undergoing the training program is to be 30 annually.
The selection is interview-based and the rating is general, based on the results demonstrated rather than on a quota per university. 

Since the beginning of 2008 the students selected for the training program have been included into a scholarship program. It provides the students with monthly scholarship payable until their graduation, guaranteed employment as Third Mate or Third Engineer, in return for servicing on board the ships for a period of 3 calendar years (including the vacation periods). 

During the training on board the ship the trainees are provided with all necessary working and living conditions, and receive remuneration as per the approved scale of the ship-owner/manager. The training is supervised by the Master and the Chief Engineer, supported by all officers on board.