Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha (“K” Line) was established in 1919. At the rise of WW ІІ the company owned 36 ships with carrying capacity of 260 108 dwt, whereas at the end of the War it had 12 ships of 31 111 dwt.
The fleet’s recovery efforts began in 1948 when the sunken ship IYO KAKYOKANA MARU was re floated. The construction of tanker FUSIKANA MARU in 1957 marked the birth of the tanker fleet. The specialized fleet development began in 1960 with the construction of ore carrier FUKUKAWA MARU. The construction of TOYATA MARU N1 in 1968 laid the basis of the car carrier fleet. The ship carried both bulk and cars.

TOYOTA MARU N10, the first Japanese car carrier, was constructed in 1970. The “K” Line’s reengineering program was found in 1991, and the “K” Line Spirit plan was introduced in 1998. 

S – Skill 

P – Professionalism 

– Intelligence 

– Responsibility 

– Innovation 

– Teamwork

In 2008 the “K” Line’s fleet comprises 488 ships with carrying capacity of 29 241 954 dwt.

“K” Line is executing a large-project program for ship construction for the period from 2009 to 2015. More than 100 ships of each type and size will be put into operation.