K Line Maritime Academy
KLMA Policy

Objective (“K” Line Seafarers Policy)
To achieve the “K” Line Group’s basic policy of “Securing protection of human life, cargo and environmental at sea”, we shall foster “K” Line Seafarers who have knowledge and skills and adequately understand and certainly practice the Safety Management System formulated by the ship management companies.

In order to achieve the above objective, we have established basic guidelines for fostering “K” Line Seafarers known as the “K” Line Maritime Academy Master Plan. All mariners boarding vessels operating under the “K” Line Group should be built up regardless of their nationality, the ship management company or manning company in accordance with this KLMA Master Plan.

The functional capability of the seafarers required is not only to perform as officers/engineers needed for safe ship operation, but also effectively function as shore staff for ship management, seafarers’ management, business support and mariners’ education / training in the offices of “K” Line Group companies.

Toward this end, marine technology and skills that have been passed along from Japanese seniors to Japanese juniors in the “K” Line group should be turned over to the next generation of seafarers, regardless of their nationality, the ship management company or manning company, under the unified policy of this Master Plan.

With complete respect to the cultures and traditions of individual countries involved, each “K” Line Maritime Academy should hold lectures and training befitting the current state of affairs of the host country, and take measures to build up and foster loyalty to “K” Line amongst the new ship officers / engineers.

As a strategy for achieving the mentioned-above matter, we should do the following:

  1. Train and develop our seafarers as “K” Line seafarers
    Training: Improve knowledge and skills needed in the actual rank
    Development: Acquire knowledge and skills needed to hold higher position than actual rank.
  2. Establish a system of continuous development for our instructors to enhance the “K” Line Standard and constantly upgrade training equipment and facilities
    “K” Line Standard:
    Safety Management Systems formulated by ship management companies of “K” Line group.
  3. Formulate a career path plan.
  4. Nurture new seafarer graduates to meet the requirements of “K” Line Standards depending on unitary Cadet Program.
  5. Establish on-the-job training (OJT) system using the training ships.
  6. Utilize to the maximum the crew assessment system in order to educate/train each seafarer in accordance with each assessment for further development. 

The K Line Maritime Academy (KLMA) Master Plan shall be revised by KLMA (Hqs) as the need arises.

KLMA Master Plan